Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I'm a little busy right now or I'd write more, but the The dk Report Charts have been updated.

Good luck trading.




Alex Argyros said...

I love your website and your blog.

I was wondering if, over a reasonable time frame, say one year or so, any of the timing systems you use consistently outperform a buy and hold strategy? If so, and given that no timing system is always accurate or "timely," do you have any sense of their relative efficacy over the intermediate to long term?

Bill Luby said...

First the bears were waiting for a follow through (ironically, it didn't arrive during that sabbatical), then Pavarotti died, now we are treated to the neverending dump.

Obviously you need to be more sensitive about the timing extended departures vis-a-vis market activity, celebrity deaths, and bodily functions.

All the more reason to hope for something new to put the kid out of his misery...