Sunday, April 01, 2007

Q1 2007 Results

It's hard to call someone a cowboy if you've never seen him ride.

Below is a Q1 2007 performance chart of my real-life trading portfolio. It's an Etrade screen capture: the green line is my account, and the blue is the SPX. The only modification I've made to this chart is to blur the account number.

A choppy Feb told me something was amiss, so I was able to dodge the brunt of the Feb 27 selloff and stalk the bounce with decent success. Nothing's ever perfect, but all things considered, I have few complaints.

For specific stock picks, I maintain a running Recommend List over at Clearstation. Caveat Emptor: for various reasons, this Rec List is rarely 100% accurate. It contains lots of stocks I don't currently own at this time, while a few stocks I do own may not be on the list.



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