Sunday, May 13, 2007

Energy Selects

I generally avoid posting specific stock ideas, but a look through the energy space this weekend shows a number of highly-rated companies poised for moves higher. Regardless of the price of crude, energy stocks are on the move.

Here's a link to Ten Energy Selects that are in decent technical setups. Everyone has their favorites, so if yours isn't here it means nothing. In addition to good setups, each of these sports excellent fundamentals.

They're arranged in groups:

Coal -- ACI, CNX
Solar -- SPWR
Equipment - CAM, NOV
Offshore -- RIG, OII
Drillers -- DNR, UPL, NE




muckdog said...

A lot of healthy basing action in those stocks.

dk said...

Yeah, a lot of energy stocks look pretty good these days...just as we're headed into hurricane season!

daniel said...

If i had to add to your Coal Stock selections, i would add Foundation Coal Holding (FCL). Here is a report about their company and its growing stock.

Coal Stock Report