Friday, June 29, 2007

Thanks, iMuckdog

I want to publicly thank iMuckdog (pictured above) for standing in line for my iPhone today.

Muckdog, I still think $10/hr is a little steep, but I know I had to match your pay from Kinko's (hope that flask of Ketel helps smooth out the bumps).

I know you're getting right back in line tomorrow to buy your own, so this really means a lot. There are friends, and then there's you:

the iYou.

Just give me a call when you get close.





muckdog said...

txtng u frm line. they let me buy 2.


dk said...

Good news on the 2 units. Now you have tomorrow off so you can plan for your BX purchase on Monday - lol.

muckdog said...

Put up a pretty funny NBC skit on the iPhone via YouTube. Cracks me up. Gotta love technology.

And AAPL is a rockin, so don't bother knockin'...