Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bush Dick Update

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Five polyps (not pictured) were removed from George Bush's colon on Saturday morning. None "appeared worrisome". Bush reclaimed the powers of the Presidency from Dick Cheney at 9:21am.

Cheney set 25th Amendment records during his brief 2-hour Presidency. In just 125 minutes, the former Vice-president vetoed 73 pieces of legislation, appointed 91 Federal judges and officially renamed the Secret Service, "the SS".




Anonymous said...

Hi, have you seen the latest NYSE short interest figure of 8.4 days to cover? What do you make of it?

muckdog said...

LOL, very nice.

dk said...

Hi headline...yes, I did notice the NYSE short ratio, and was surprised to see it tick even higher than last month's 70-year record. It's very atypical behavior for a market at new highs, and plays as contrarian bullish. In fact, based on the data, there's a chance that the market could see the mother of all short-covering rallies over the next few months.

This coming week nearly 1/3 of companies on the SPX report, so we'll have a better idea of Q2 earnings. .