Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pickens in China

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As has been widely reported, Boone Pickens is currently on a 10-day China junket, accompanied by talented CNBC Squawk Box co-anchor Becky Quick.

Pickens, a billionaire and arguably the most colorful US oil tycoon, is apparently also quite a lady's man. In a dk Report exclusive, it's been learned that Pickens and Quick have exchanged vows in a small, private ceremony in Beijing.

The CNBC co-anchor will go by her new name, Becky Quick-Pickens.

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In this exclusive honeymoon photo, Boone sets a few ground rules.

It's also been learned that part of Boone's trade mission is to interest the Chinese in a new passenger jet of his own design. The 64-passenger aircraft is being built by Boeing, and takes a page from the Hummer playbook: it's OK to trade fuel economy for other, more muscular features.



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GE has designed a new engine specifically for the Pickens jet. In addition to standard jet fuel, it runs on raw crude oil, diesel, natural gas, heating oil or gasoline (it does not run on ethanol). The only parties more excited than the Chinese are Venezuela and Iran. Both countries are said to have arranged attractive financing for the jet's purchase.


adam said...

noice, love her new name, rofl.

Bill said...

Darn! I was tempted to make a post asking if Becky's flights on a private jet were as, em, eventful as the Money Ho's, er, Money Honey's were.

Snooze and lose.

Roger Nusbaum said...

Their first child shall be named Slim.

B said...

Down the road, if she divorces T. Boone (or he passes away) and marries Carlos Slim she will go by the name Becky Slim-Pickens