Friday, May 02, 2008

Top Ten Myths About The dk Report Hiatus

Over the past eight months, I received a lot of comments, messages and e-mails about taking a break from blogging The dk Report. Most were kind and thoughtful, and thanks to each of you for taking the time to write.

But several were pretty weird. The most unusual of these involved bizarre rumors hatched from the fertile womb of the internet. Below are ten of the best myths I heard about The dk Report hiatus, and all came from actual communiqu├ęs sent or forwarded to me.

1. I was not immobilized by clinical depression over the death of Luciano Pavarotti (I received more notes of concern about this than on any other topic. Note to self: never leave an admiring obituary posted on your blog for 8 months).

2. dk was not a pseudonym of Luciano Pavarotti, and the posts did not end because he died.

3. I was not hospitalized for any reason whatsoever, including a heart condition or a grief-stricken overdose of anti-depressants (see #1 above).

4. I didn't stop because Bill Luby and I are actually the same person, and he decided to quit posting under multiple aliases ( came out on the short end of this stick, and I offer you my sincere apologies).

5. I didn't stop blogging because I lost all of my money a) on a Nigerian 419 scam, or b) refusing to abandon a losing short position on BIDU.

6. I didn't quit because of I took a new job in hotel management.

7. I did not receive a cease-and-desist letter from Becky Quick (you know this is true, because if I had, I would have posted it immediately).

8. scduo4fun and I are not the same person either, although coincidentally he does live just a few miles from me.

9. The decision to quit posting had nothing to do with the Oscars®.

10. My hiatus had nothing to do with Texas barbeque and beer, although I could be persuaded to stop blogging again for enough New Braunfels sausage, Pedro's tamales and Shiner bock (shipping address available upon request).




Bill Luby said...

This is all very humorous, but can I have my social security number back now?

dk said...

No need to use your own social security number -- just use Todd Davis'! (457-55-5462). He doesn't's a marketing expense.